Skull Candles

skull mug candle with lid

Skull Mug Candle

Ready for a bloody magical experience? Right before your eyes, watch the magical metamorphosis as our Spectre Skull Mug Candle starts out as bone, pools red or black when lit, and turns back to bone when cool. As the candle burns, the room fills with our enchanting custom fragrance.

Two lit candles in clear glass skull-shaped mugs with candles melting to red color


Skull Mug Candles Lit Box

Buy two Spectre Skull Mug Candles, and get the second one for half off!

Skull Mug Candle Lit Box Set includes two 11.5-oz two wick candles crafted in premium 15.75-oz glass mugs and packaged in our custom-designed black and white Lit Box. Makes for a great gift or as a storage box for all your candles.

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spectre skull pillar, black, unlit

Skull Pillar Candle

Skull Pillar candles provide a one-of-a-kind experience, as they will bleed through the eyes! Just like our Skull Mugs, they start out as bone and bleed red or black before turning back to bone when cool.