We make magic with our color-changing candles.

As a family-owned company, we carefully design and handcraft all our candles in a studio located in a small town just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. We hope that we bring you a little magic, a smile, and spread joy throughout your home.

Our Story

Spectre Candles® is a small, family-owned candle studio located in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. Since the beginning, our families have worked together, ideating and iterating, testing and revising, reimagining the possibilities, and always believing passionately in the pursuit of one thing: creating the world’s only wax technology that transforms a candle from one color to another, and back again.

We expertly hand craft and hand-pour our color-change magic into each and every candle for families around the world.

The method to our magic

Color change and fragrance combine to create a wonderfully magical experience.

We have carefully crafted our proprietary wax blend and engaged with world-renowned perfumers to create our candles in a variety of color combinations, sizes, and appearances.

By infusing ColorSine® – our color magic – with premium custom-crafted fragrances, our candles, when lit, slowly build together in harmony and intensity; colors and color combinations will build and grow in saturation as the wax pool grows.

The fragrance releases top, middle, and bottom notes to connect your olfactory and visual senses. For the first time, your eyes can see what your nose senses – your candle’s performance is real and you’re not guessing whether the fragrance is being delivered into the room.

Our fragrances are custom curated and blended from master perfumers throughout the United States using premium natural oils.

What makes our candles unique

Ours are the only candles that start in one color, melt into another color, then return to their original color, just like magic!


two skull mug candles, lit


Two lit candles in clear glass skull-shaped mugs with candles melting to red color


two skull mug candles, unlit

Candle Features

Clean-burning premium wax blend

Hand-crafted and poured in the USA

Magical color transformation

Custom-blended premium fragrance oils

Lead-free wicks