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Skull Mug Candle Lit Box Set includes two 10.5-oz two wick candles crafted in premium 15.75-oz glass mugs and packaged in our custom-designed black and white Lit Box. Makes for a great gift or as a storage box for all your candles.

Product Details

You’re in for a bloody magical experience. Right before your eyes, watch the magical metamorphosis as our Spectre Skull Mug Candle starts out as bone, pools blood red when lit, and turns back to bone when cool. As the candle burns, the room fills with our enchanting custom fragrance.

Our clean-burning premium candles have been carefully handcrafted. Our lead-free wicks, custom-blended wax, magical color transformation, and premium fragrance oils all create a truly unique experience.

Choose from:

  • Spectre Black Skull Mug Candle that pools from bone to an eerie black when lit and back to bone when , while filling the room with cedar, rosemary and lavender.
  • Spectre Red Skull Mug Candle that pools from bone to blood red when lit and back to bone when cool, while filling the room with cinnamon, pine and vanilla.

Fragrance notes: cinnamon, pine, and vanilla

Product details:

  • Glass mug with handle
  • Wooden lid
  • 11.5-oz. candle
  • 16-oz. mug
  • Two wicks
  • Diameter: 4”
  • Height: 4.375”
  • Burn time 35+ hours
  • Hand crafted and Hand poured in the USA
  • Made with Colorsine®
  • Colors may vary

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Customer Reviews

3 reviews for Skull Mug Lit Box

  1. Andy

    Amazing candle! The color changing wax adds to the overall look of the candle! The skull mug is such a great piece! Still have a bit of wax in it but can’t wait till it is done not only to buy a new one but also to use the skull mug to drink out of! You guys are going a great job! Excited to see what other creations you guys come out with!

  2. Deborah T

    I loved the candle. A great addition to my fall decorations.

  3. Chelsea R

    This candle is spooky cool! Just the perfect addition to my fall decor. First off, packaging is top notch. What an experience just opening, let alone lighting it and watching the magic happen. The skull mug is beautiful, and I’m pretty excited to use it for coffee when the candle is depleted! The fragrance when lit is delightfully aromatic and not overbearing. Nothing worse than a candle with a dull scent, especially when lit. (You will not find that here) but the hands down coolest part about this candle is the color changing wax. The transformation is mesmerizing. If you really want to add something unique to your fall decor GET THIS CANDLE!! You will not be disappointed!

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(3 customer reviews)
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